Whats coming in 2019 ?

We understand that many of you are keen to see our 2019 dates (which will be announced soon) but it’s still too early to make anything public just yet as circuit calendars are still in a state of flux at this time of year. The various race calendars dictate which days are available for trackdays so we won’t put anything on sale until we have the assurance of the circuit that the dates are confirmed. If you’re booking early then we think you should be able to do it with confidence without the risk or plans changing and potentially leaving you out of pocket, we won’t risk your money to pay our deposits.


You can expect us to be back with the same extensive selection next year of well over 200 events across 16 different venues with 24 potential layout variations making Javelin Trackdays by far the largest independent trackday organiser in the country and that doesn’t even include the 2 sprint series that we run. We believe in sensible pricing with sensible numbers so you won’t see us inflating our prices so that we can then be seen to be offering large discounts and you don’t need to group together to try and negotiate a better deal, we believe that should be available for everyone. When you book an event with us you get rewards points back worth 5% of the cost of the trackday that you can redeem on future orders so everyone gets a little something back from us, several customers this year have even purchased multiple events using only their rewards points. On top of that we also offer a Bulk Buy option where you can purchase a large store credit at a 10% or 15% discount so as a group or even an individual you can all access the same great savings equally and as credits currently have no expiry date you can spread that saving over a long period if you don’t do trackdays that often, you even get rewards points as you spend the credit for an even greater saving on top of all that.


You will find our days are popular and quite often busy but what you’ll not find is them being overbooked. It is not widely known but the Circuit Hire Terms and Conditions invariably state a maximum number of cars that are allowed on an open pit lane trackday, which as anyone who has been on our reserve list will know we adhere to those limits quite strictly and at several venues we even have our own lower limits in place as we find that works out to be a better event for everyone. You’ll find some other organisers may offer various freebies or special deals to undercut the competition but as the saying goes ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ so that has to be paid for somehow and that means booking more vehicles, exceeding the circuit limits by almost 50% in some cases and making the day far worse for everyone with long queues. We want you to have a good experience on our events and although we may charge for some additional items i.e. tuition, photography, etc they are optional so we don’t make you pay for something someone else is getting for free. We limit our bookings to 2 additional drivers as we find this cuts down on issues on the day and it also ensures that those drivers get more out of the day as well. We want to make it easy for you to get on track which is why we negotiated with the circuits to limit the paperwork and you only need to complete a single form for signing on.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all on track with us in 2019.


P.S. We’ve got a special competition coming in November and the prize is huge so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement, you really won’t want to miss it.





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