Additional Items

How do I add something to my order ?

If you have already booked an event and wish to add additional items to the booking then you can find a link on the product page for that event. Garages & ideally tuition should be booked in advance of the event but additional drivers, passengers, helmet hire and tuition can be added on the day if needed (cash only). We advise that you only book for additional people in advance if you are sure they will be attending.

Can I add additional drivers ?

You can have up to 2 additional drivers per vehicle which can also be added at the venue (£30, cash only). When you book an event you are booking a place for the vehicle not the number of drivers so that allocation needs to be shared amongst them.

Why do you limit the number of additional drivers ?

We've found that the majority of issues that occur over the course of a day are caused by the additional drivers rather than the main driver of a vehicle. It might be that the drivers are inexperienced or nervous out on track or they are too enthusiastic with the limited time they have in the vehicle but either way limiting their numbers makes for a more enjoyable day for everyone involved. We do sometimes permit some vehicles to have more than the normal number of additional drivers but that is only possible if approved and agreed before the event.

Can I add passengers ?

Passengers can no longer be booked in advance of the event but they can be added at the venue for a cost of £10 each (cash only). Passengers can be added throughoutt he day and do not need to attend a safety briefing although it is often beneficial if they do. If a passenger is under the age of 18 please see the Under 18 section of this FAQ.

Can I add tuition ?

Tuition should ideally be booked in advance of the event (£20 for 20 minutes) but it can be added on the day as well (cash only), if it is added on the day however you will only have a choice of those slots that have not already been booked.

Can I add helmet hire ?

Helmets can only be hired at the venue for £10 each (cash only). These are usually only full face but some open face helmets will sometimes be available as well. We do take plenty of helmets to each event but we advise that if you want one you arrive early to have greater choice and availability. Helmet hire is secured by leaving your driving licence with us to be returned when the helmet is handed back in.

Can I reserve a garage ?

You can reserve a garage in advance of most events for £30, please note that not every venue has garages and garages cannot be reserved in advance for evening events. Unreserved garages are available to be used free of charge on a first come basis. However please be aware that on most events all garages are reserved. 


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