The Events

What is the schedule for the event ?

All events generally follow the same basic schedule but times may vary, an example event is listed below.

Signing On
Complete indemnity forms and check licences
Go over the rules for the day along with any relevant information for the venue
Sighting Laps
Convoys runs at reduced speed to see the circuit conditions and marshal locations in a controlled enviroment
Track Time
The track is open to drivers

Lunch is usually 12:30-13:30 but can change due to operational requirements.

What is the format ?

Events are run under one of 2 different formats :

Open Pit Lane : Cars can come and go from the track as they please, the overwhelming majority of our days run under this format as it allows more freedom. This will mean that there will be a range of speeds and abilities on track at the same time so drivers need to be aware of their surroundings.

Sessions: Drivers are split into groups based on speed & ability and will have access to the track on a schedule, usually 20 minutes per hour. Very rarely used but can be the ideal day for novices.

Can we arrive late ?

All drivers should be present at the morning briefing and for the sighting laps, they are run for your own safety. If you have participated in a trackday before and at that venue then we may be able to arrange a later briefing although we certainly do not encourage you to be late, in the case of additional drivers we strongly advise that they go out as a passenger first before getting behind the wheel. In some cases you must cross the circuit to gain access which is not possible if the event is underway i.e. Mallory Park.

Do I need to wear a helmet ?

Yes all occupants of a vehicle need to wear a helmet out on track and certain types of vehicles have restrictions on what type of helmets can be worn, see the Helmets & Safety information page for more details.

Can I add items on the day ?

Yes, see the Additional Items FAQ for more information on this.

Are spectators allowed ?

Yes spectators can come along to watch free of charge. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and they are not permitted in the pit lane or on the pit wall. Nobody under the age of 16 is permitted at Bedford Autodrome at all. Some military venues may have restrictions on attendance or entry which will be noted on the venue page.

What are the noise requirements for the day ?

These will vary between venues so look at the venue page for the specific levels that apply, failing a noise test will usually result in the vehicle in question being denied further access to the trackday. Most venues will have a static noise test in place which must be passed before being permitted on track along with a driveby reading used to measure levels on track. Please see the Noise Testing & Limits information page for detailed information

Can I get instruction ?

Instructors are available to give you informal guidance into track driving technique, and how it varies from road driving. That said your road driving can benefit a great deal from the skills discovered in your trackday experience. The aim is ultimately to improve how safely and smoothly you drive your car around a track and that will inevitably help with awareness and control on the road.

Ultimately it’s only going to be you with feet on the pedals, and any accidents at trackdays (thankfully rare) are always the fault of the driver and the driver alone. Instructors cannot stop you from having an accident but they can make you think twice about driving beyond your limits. We HIGHLY recommend all beginners make use of them. Advice can be booked when you sign into any event. Instruction is available to book in 20 minute sessions at a cost of £20.

Can I time my laps ?

Timing is strictly forbidden on a trackday and anyone found to be doing so may be removed from the venue, this includes spectators as well.

Can I drift ?

No drifting is not permitted on a trackday, there are other activities on the market that you can attend to practice that. There will be occasions where traction is broken at the rear of the vehicle but those thought to be inciting it and deliberately attempting to drift can be removed from the track.

Can we use the day for race testing ?

We've no objection to teams / individuals using trackdays for a test or shakedown of a new car for example, as long as they understand they have to operate under the same rules as everyone else. Competition or practicing though is strictly forbidden, including the use of timing equipment and doing so can see you banned from that venue.

Can I run slick tyres ?

Yes, but they must be in good condition and the track conditions must be suitable. Before using slicks you should seriously consider whether your cars specification is suitable. It is strongly recommended that any car using slicks should have roll over protection fitted. Please note that some venues only allow road tyres.

What if someone isn't obeying the rules ?

Please tell us, the sooner you inform us of the problem the sooner we can do something about it. Once the trackday is underway we rely on customer feedback for a clearer picture of what is happening out on track, if there is a problem no matter how small please let us know. Don’t rely on someone else to report it for you, just find a member of our staff and explain the situation and then we can deal with it making the day run much better for everyone. A quick word is usually enough to correct most issues as sometimes the driver might not even realise they have done something wrong.

Can i do a half day ?

We don’t look at half day places unless it is the day before the event and there are clearly going to be places left over. You would need to book the full event in advance to secure the place on the event normally.


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