Driving Licences

Do I need a driving licence ?

On the day of the event you need to produce either a full DVLA or international equivalent driving licence for that class of vehicle (photocard or old style paper only licence) or a national B or higher MSA//FIA race competition licence.

What if I don't have a licence ?

If you don't have a driving licence then you can't take part in a trackday.

What do I do if I've lost/misplaced/sent off my licence ?

Providing your licence is still valid you can still take part but you will need to provide evidence of your licence in advance of the event, see the Licence Checks page.

Can I use a competition licence ?

If you have an MSA/FIA race competition licence then that can be used in place of a road licence. Trackdays are a non-competitive event and will have no effect on your licence status.

Can use a photocopy of my licence ?

No a photocopy is not accepted as proof, please see the Driving Licence information page on how to verify your licence online.

What if I have licence from a different country ?

Providing the licence has a photocard and clearly indicates the holder can drive the class of vehicle in question then it is not an issue. The only problems are when the licence uses a different alphabet i.e. cyrillic in which case you will need to call us for clarification. There is no way to verify a licence from an international body if it is not physically produced on the day.


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