Bulk Buys & Groups

What is a bulk buy ?

A bulk buy is where you purchase a large amount of credit and are rewarded with a bonus amount on top i.e. spend £950, get £1000.

How does it work ?

Purchase a bulk buy from the website and then we will credit your account with that amount. That credit will then be automatically be deducted from your account when you place orders until used in full. The credit is assigned to the account that purchases it, it cannot be transferred to another account.

Do you do group bookings ?

If you wish to book a large group onto an event then please contact us with the details to discuss your options.

Do Javelin organise club events ?

We can organise private events for clubs or even as part of an existing event, contact us with your plans for more information.

Do Javelin offer club discounts ?

We feel that most clubs would benefit from the reward points and group bookings systems already available but if you wish to discuss a club discount or if you club is interested in becoming an affiliate of Javelin Trackdays Ltd then please contact us.


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