The Basics

What is a Trackday ?

Track and Airfield days give you the opportunity to drive your own car away from the open road with no oncoming traffic or speed cameras. Our days are sociable and low pressure events where the emphasis is on fun, there are no laps that are timed and there should be no element of competition. 

There is an ever-growing army of enthusiasts who have caught the trackday bug and use these events to test and improve themselves, their cars and, their driving skills.

Do I need a licence ?

Yes, you need either a full driving licence or a national B or above MSA/FIA car race licence to take part in a trackday. See the Driving Licence section of the FAQ for more information.

Will my car be suitable ?

Most likely yes as almost all cars are welcome on trackdays just so long as they meet safety and noise emission requirements. As a general rule your car needs be of at least MOT standard (although one is not required to take part) and the car should be mechanically sound in all areas. Single seaters, open wheeled vehicles and 4x4’s are not permitted to take part in trackdays.

How fast do I get to drive ?

Trackdays do not have speed restrictions which is part of the appeal so you can drive as fast as you wish providing it is safe to do so and you obey the rules of the event.

Do I need to wear a helmet ?

Yes all occupants of a vehicle need to wear a helmet out on track and certain types of vehicles have restrictions on what type of helmets can be worn, see the Helmets & Safety information page for more details.

Do I need insurance ?

Insurance is not a requirement to take part in a track and it is very unlikely that your normal road insurance will cover you for a trackday but you can find companies that will provide you with cover for an event. A trackday insurance policy will only cover damage to your own vehicle which is why it is optional.

What happens if I have an accident ?

Although a trackday is generally a very safe time and place to try the limits of driving, in reality accidents can and sadly do happen. It would be dishonest for us to say otherwise. We endeavour to do absolutely everything possible to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and spectators alike. Part of this is staffing our events to meet ATDO rules and only using trained and experienced people. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured that the attending marshals and medical cover will be fully able to cope and that full and proper procedures would be followed.

If I damage my car in an accident who will pay ?

Although trackday accidents are rare, if you decide to take your car on to a track you must be aware that you are accepting the risk. By booking to take part you have already agreed to this and you will also be required to sign a further declaration at each event. This is usual on any trackday. The owners of the venue, Javelin Trackdays Ltd or any other person or company cannot be held responsible, even if an accident is not your fault. Although vehicles do sometimes come into contact with each other on trackdays it is extremely rare and the risks are incredibly small when compared with simply driving on the road as normal.

What if I'm too fast and less experienced drivers spoil my fun?

We make every effort to make all drivers feel relaxed and make sure they are alert and enjoy the day. We run NON-competitive track days so you will sometimes need to be patient. Anyone caught getting aggressive / competitive / dangerous behind the wheel will be removed from the circuit. The same rules apply to everyone equally.

What if I'm too slow ?

Speed is not necessarily an issue but of course an overly slow or inconsiderate driver can cause a nuisance and in some extreme cases be a safety concern. We strive to provide a comfortable situation for newcomers and experienced drivers alike, as long as drivers keep an eye on their mirrors and move over when they are supposed to it is never really an issue. No need to be nervous!

Do Javelin organise club or corporate events ?

Yes, Whatever your wishes, Javelin can provide activities tailored to your needs and you will have the assurance that we will have a full range of activities that will present your clients, guests and staff with a memorable day that they will hold you in high regard for. These events can help with team building and bringing your clients together with your team. You can help develop the esteem held for your organisation by individuals by getting away from the work environment and result in a more productive attitude when they return. Track and Airfield based activities are available to suit all needs and budgets. Drop us an email or call 01469 425040 to discuss your requirements.

The weather is bad, will the trackday be cancelled ?

The only weather that would really cause a trackday to be cancelled would be persistant fog, ice or snow and in these situations we have created our Winter Weather Policy to answer any concerns you might have. Some events may have a delayed start due to fog or ice but this is usually luck of the draw over the winter months. We get a lot of questions concerning rain but that will not stop an event usually, torrential rain might cause a tempory stoppage on a trackday for safety reasons but it rarely lasts for long. Trackdays in the wet are an excellent opportunity to practice your wet weather driving and many drivers actually prefer them.

Would a trackday make a good gift ?

In most cases yes it would however we always advise that if you're going to get someone a trackday as a present you get a gift voucher instead of booking an actual event. A gift voucher is valid for 12 months so it allows more flexibility in it’s use and it also means the vehicle owner can make a more informed choice of where to go without you having to find a way of borrowing the keys to perform a noise test without them knowing.


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