Reserves & Cancellations

I can't make the event, can I cancel ?

Please see the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of your booking for full details on cancellations.

How do I cancel ?

You can call us to let us know by all means if it is very close to the event but all cancellation requests must be confirmed by submitting a request through the Cancellation Form.

Is there a reserve list for full events ?

If you wish to go onto the reserve list for an event please submit a request via the Reserve List Form.

What happens then ?

We keep a record of reserves for each event and if we need to replace someone we will call through the reserve list in order of receipt until that place has been filled. Once you are on the reserve list please do not bug us about spaces, we will contact you if there is a space available for you, until that point the answer will always be 'No'. We know you are keen to get on but constantly asking is going to get you move further down the list if anything !

Will I get on ? When will I find out ?

That is impossible to predict as you are relying on someone else to have issues so there is no way of knowing in advance. The latest we would contact a reserve is the last day we are in the office before the event in question. If you are on the reserve list then please do not call to see if a space is available, we would have called you already if there was one for you.

Can you squeeze me on if I pay a bit extra ?

No, the reserve lists are managed in order of receipt and nothing else.

Can I get on if I turn up on the day and someone breaks down ?

You might on occasion be able to get on at the venue but that is usually based on people not showing up rather than track activity but there are no guarantees at all so it entirely at your own risk if you wish to try. We don’t usually recommend that you go to any great trouble as you could be wasting your time in the attempt. It also depends on how the day is running, if that breakdown is the cause of a delay then we would not be looking to add any other vehicles to the event.


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