Booking & Website Issues

I've found a problem

If you’ve found a problem with the website the website is working or displaying on your device then please let us know the details by using our Contact Us form, we’d appreciate any feedback you can give us so we can rectify any issues you come across.

Why doesn't my gift voucher code work ?

Unfortunately the old format we used for gift voucher codes is not compatible with the new website as they contain too many characters so this will stop anyone with a voucher purchased before 29/11/16 that begins with the letters GV from using it automatically. If you have a voucher code in that format then please register an account on the website and then contact us with the voucher details and we can then assign that value to your account for you to use. If you have a problem with a voucher that was purchased after 29/11/16 then please contact us so we can investigate the problem.

Can I use more than one voucher at a time ?

Unfortunately you can’t at the moment however if you register on the website and then send us an email with the voucher codes you wish to use then we can allocate them to your account as a store credit. You can do this at any time, so you don’t have to wait until you want to use them.

Why isn't my store credit showing ?

If you want to see what your account balance is then you can access your account and look in the ‘Store Credit’ section. A store credit balance will not show in your cart as they are only applied to an order at the checkout stage.


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