How long do we get on track ?

It is estimated that each vehicle will spend an average of 20 minutes per hour out on track over the course of a day so that would amount to around 2 hours in total. Some may do less, some may do more but providing the car is treated correctly and given enough time to cool between runs and not overworked it is up to you providing it is not an unfair amount of time at the expense of other customers.

I've found a problem

If you’ve found a problem with the website the website is working or displaying on your device then please let us know the details by using our Contact Us form, we’d appreciate any feedback you can give us so we can rectify any issues you come across.

Do I need a driving licence ?

On the day of the event you need to produce either a full DVLA or international equivalent driving licence for that class of vehicle (photocard or old style paper only licence) or a national B or higher MSA//FIA race competition licence.

How do I add something to my order ?

If you have already booked an event and wish to add additional items to the booking then you can find a link on the product page for that event. Garages & ideally tuition should be booked in advance of the event but additional drivers, passengers, helmet hire and tuition can be added on the day if needed (cash only). We advise that you only book for additional people in advance if you are sure they will be attending.

I can't make the event, can I cancel ?

Please see the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of your booking for full details on cancellations.

What is a bulk buy ?

A bulk buy is where you purchase a large amount of credit and are rewarded with a bonus amount on top i.e. spend £950, get £1000.

What is a Trackday ?

Track and Airfield days give you the opportunity to drive your own car away from the open road with no oncoming traffic or speed cameras. Our days are sociable and low pressure events where the emphasis is on fun, there are no laps that are timed and there should be no element of competition. 

There is an ever-growing army of enthusiasts who have caught the trackday bug and use these events to test and improve themselves, their cars and, their driving skills.

What is the schedule for the event ?

All events generally follow the same basic schedule but times may vary, an example event is listed below.

Signing On
Complete indemnity forms and check licences
Go over the rules for the day along with any relevant information for the venue
Sighting Laps
Convoys runs at reduced speed to see the circuit conditions and marshal locations in a controlled enviroment
Track Time
The track is open to drivers

Lunch is usually 12:30-13:30 but can change due to operational requirements.

Can I add additional drivers ?

You can have up to 2 additional drivers per vehicle which can also be added at the venue (£30, cash only). When you book an event you are booking a place for the vehicle not the number of drivers so that allocation needs to be shared amongst them.

Do I need a licence ?

Yes, you need either a full driving licence or a national B or above MSA/FIA car race licence to take part in a trackday. See the Driving Licence section of the FAQ for more information.

How do I cancel ?

You can call us to let us know by all means if it is very close to the event but all cancellation requests must be confirmed by submitting a request through the Cancellation Form.

How does it work ?

Purchase a bulk buy from the website and then we will credit your account with that amount. That credit will then be automatically be deducted from your account when you place orders until used in full. The credit is assigned to the account that purchases it, it cannot be transferred to another account.

What if I don't have a licence ?

If you don't have a driving licence then you can't take part in a trackday.

What is the format ?

Events are run under one of 2 different formats :

Open Pit Lane : Cars can come and go from the track as they please, the overwhelming majority of our days run under this format as it allows more freedom. This will mean that there will be a range of speeds and abilities on track at the same time so drivers need to be aware of their surroundings.

Sessions: Drivers are split into groups based on speed & ability and will have access to the track on a schedule, usually 20 minutes per hour. Very rarely used but can be the ideal day for novices.

Why doesn't my gift voucher code work ?

Unfortunately the old format we used for gift voucher codes is not compatible with the new website as they contain too many characters so this will stop anyone with a voucher purchased before 29/11/16 that begins with the letters GV from using it automatically. If you have a voucher code in that format then please register an account on the website and then contact us with the voucher details and we can then assign that value to your account for you to use. If you have a problem with a voucher that was purchased after 29/11/16 then please contact us so we can investigate the problem.

Can I use more than one voucher at a time ?

Unfortunately you can’t at the moment however if you register on the website and then send us an email with the voucher codes you wish to use then we can allocate them to your account as a store credit. You can do this at any time, so you don’t have to wait until you want to use them.

Can we arrive late ?

All drivers should be present at the morning briefing and for the sighting laps, they are run for your own safety. If you have participated in a trackday before and at that venue then we may be able to arrange a later briefing although we certainly do not encourage you to be late, in the case of additional drivers we strongly advise that they go out as a passenger first before getting behind the wheel. In some cases you must cross the circuit to gain access which is not possible if the event is underway i.e. Mallory Park.

Do you do group bookings ?

If you wish to book a large group onto an event then please contact us with the details to discuss your options.

Is there a reserve list for full events ?

If you wish to go onto the reserve list for an event please submit a request via the Reserve List Form.

What do I do if I've lost/misplaced/sent off my licence ?

Providing your licence is still valid you can still take part but you will need to provide evidence of your licence in advance of the event, see the Licence Checks page.

Why do you limit the number of additional drivers ?

We've found that the majority of issues that occur over the course of a day are caused by the additional drivers rather than the main driver of a vehicle. It might be that the drivers are inexperienced or nervous out on track or they are too enthusiastic with the limited time they have in the vehicle but either way limiting their numbers makes for a more enjoyable day for everyone involved. We do sometimes permit some vehicles to have more than the normal number of additional drivers but that is only possible if approved and agreed before the event.

Will my car be suitable ?

Most likely yes as almost all cars are welcome on trackdays just so long as they meet safety and noise emission requirements. As a general rule your car needs be of at least MOT standard (although one is not required to take part) and the car should be mechanically sound in all areas. Single seaters, open wheeled vehicles and 4x4’s are not permitted to take part in trackdays.

Can I add passengers ?

Passengers can no longer be booked in advance of the event but they can be added at the venue for a cost of £10 each (cash only). Passengers can be added throughoutt he day and do not need to attend a safety briefing although it is often beneficial if they do. If a passenger is under the age of 18 please see the Under 18 section of this FAQ.

Can I use a competition licence ?

If you have an MSA/FIA race competition licence then that can be used in place of a road licence. Trackdays are a non-competitive event and will have no effect on your licence status.

Do I need to wear a helmet ?

Yes all occupants of a vehicle need to wear a helmet out on track and certain types of vehicles have restrictions on what type of helmets can be worn, see the Helmets & Safety information page for more details.

Do Javelin organise club events ?

We can organise private events for clubs or even as part of an existing event, contact us with your plans for more information.

How fast do I get to drive ?

Trackdays do not have speed restrictions which is part of the appeal so you can drive as fast as you wish providing it is safe to do so and you obey the rules of the event.

What happens then ?

We keep a record of reserves for each event and if we need to replace someone we will call through the reserve list in order of receipt until that place has been filled. Once you are on the reserve list please do not bug us about spaces, we will contact you if there is a space available for you, until that point the answer will always be 'No'. We know you are keen to get on but constantly asking is going to get you move further down the list if anything !

Why isn't my store credit showing ?

If you want to see what your account balance is then you can access your account and look in the ‘Store Credit’ section. A store credit balance will not show in your cart as they are only applied to an order at the checkout stage.

Can I add items on the day ?

Yes, see the Additional Items FAQ for more information on this.

Can I add tuition ?

Tuition should ideally be booked in advance of the event (£20 for 20 minutes) but it can be added on the day as well (cash only), if it is added on the day however you will only have a choice of those slots that have not already been booked.

Can use a photocopy of my licence ?

No a photocopy is not accepted as proof, please see the Driving Licence information page on how to verify your licence online.

Do I need to wear a helmet ?

Yes all occupants of a vehicle need to wear a helmet out on track and certain types of vehicles have restrictions on what type of helmets can be worn, see the Helmets & Safety information page for more details.

Do Javelin offer club discounts ?

We feel that most clubs would benefit from the reward points and group bookings systems already available but if you wish to discuss a club discount or if you club is interested in becoming an affiliate of Javelin Trackdays Ltd then please contact us.

Will I get on ? When will I find out ?

That is impossible to predict as you are relying on someone else to have issues so there is no way of knowing in advance. The latest we would contact a reserve is the last day we are in the office before the event in question. If you are on the reserve list then please do not call to see if a space is available, we would have called you already if there was one for you.

Are spectators allowed ?

Yes spectators can come along to watch free of charge. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and they are not permitted in the pit lane or on the pit wall. Nobody under the age of 16 is permitted at Bedford Autodrome at all. Some military venues may have restrictions on attendance or entry which will be noted on the venue page.

Can I add helmet hire ?

Helmets can only be hired at the venue for £10 each (cash only). These are usually only full face but some open face helmets will sometimes be available as well. We do take plenty of helmets to each event but we advise that if you want one you arrive early to have greater choice and availability. Helmet hire is secured by leaving your driving licence with us to be returned when the helmet is handed back in.

Can you squeeze me on if I pay a bit extra ?

No, the reserve lists are managed in order of receipt and nothing else.

Do I need insurance ?

Insurance is not a requirement to take part in a track and it is very unlikely that your normal road insurance will cover you for a trackday but you can find companies that will provide you with cover for an event. A trackday insurance policy will only cover damage to your own vehicle which is why it is optional.

What if I have licence from a different country ?

Providing the licence has a photocard and clearly indicates the holder can drive the class of vehicle in question then it is not an issue. The only problems are when the licence uses a different alphabet i.e. cyrillic in which case you will need to call us for clarification. There is no way to verify a licence from an international body if it is not physically produced on the day.

Can I get on if I turn up on the day and someone breaks down ?

You might on occasion be able to get on at the venue but that is usually based on people not showing up rather than track activity but there are no guarantees at all so it entirely at your own risk if you wish to try. We don’t usually recommend that you go to any great trouble as you could be wasting your time in the attempt. It also depends on how the day is running, if that breakdown is the cause of a delay then we would not be looking to add any other vehicles to the event.

Can I reserve a garage ?

You can reserve a garage in advance of most events for £30, please note that not every venue has garages and garages cannot be reserved in advance for evening events. Unreserved garages are available to be used free of charge on a first come basis. However please be aware that on most events all garages are reserved. 

What are the noise requirements for the day ?

These will vary between venues so look at the venue page for the specific levels that apply, failing a noise test will usually result in the vehicle in question being denied further access to the trackday. Most venues will have a static noise test in place which must be passed before being permitted on track along with a driveby reading used to measure levels on track. Please see the Noise Testing & Limits information page for detailed information

What happens if I have an accident ?

Although a trackday is generally a very safe time and place to try the limits of driving, in reality accidents can and sadly do happen. It would be dishonest for us to say otherwise. We endeavour to do absolutely everything possible to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and spectators alike. Part of this is staffing our events to meet ATDO rules and only using trained and experienced people. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured that the attending marshals and medical cover will be fully able to cope and that full and proper procedures would be followed.

Can I get instruction ?

Instructors are available to give you informal guidance into track driving technique, and how it varies from road driving. That said your road driving can benefit a great deal from the skills discovered in your trackday experience. The aim is ultimately to improve how safely and smoothly you drive your car around a track and that will inevitably help with awareness and control on the road.

Ultimately it’s only going to be you with feet on the pedals, and any accidents at trackdays (thankfully rare) are always the fault of the driver and the driver alone. Instructors cannot stop you from having an accident but they can make you think twice about driving beyond your limits. We HIGHLY recommend all beginners make use of them. Advice can be booked when you sign into any event. Instruction is available to book in 20 minute sessions at a cost of £20.

Can I time my laps ?

Timing is strictly forbidden on a trackday and anyone found to be doing so may be removed from the venue, this includes spectators as well.

If I damage my car in an accident who will pay ?

Although trackday accidents are rare, if you decide to take your car on to a track you must be aware that you are accepting the risk. By booking to take part you have already agreed to this and you will also be required to sign a further declaration at each event. This is usual on any trackday. The owners of the venue, Javelin Trackdays Ltd or any other person or company cannot be held responsible, even if an accident is not your fault. Although vehicles do sometimes come into contact with each other on trackdays it is extremely rare and the risks are incredibly small when compared with simply driving on the road as normal.

Can I drift ?

No drifting is not permitted on a trackday, there are other activities on the market that you can attend to practice that. There will be occasions where traction is broken at the rear of the vehicle but those thought to be inciting it and deliberately attempting to drift can be removed from the track.

Can we use the day for race testing ?

We've no objection to teams / individuals using trackdays for a test or shakedown of a new car for example, as long as they understand they have to operate under the same rules as everyone else. Competition or practicing though is strictly forbidden, including the use of timing equipment and doing so can see you banned from that venue.

Can I run slick tyres ?

Yes, but they must be in good condition and the track conditions must be suitable. Before using slicks you should seriously consider whether your cars specification is suitable. It is strongly recommended that any car using slicks should have roll over protection fitted. Please note that some venues only allow road tyres.

What if I'm too fast and less experienced drivers spoil my fun?

We make every effort to make all drivers feel relaxed and make sure they are alert and enjoy the day. We run NON-competitive track days so you will sometimes need to be patient. Anyone caught getting aggressive / competitive / dangerous behind the wheel will be removed from the circuit. The same rules apply to everyone equally.

What if I'm too slow ?

Speed is not necessarily an issue but of course an overly slow or inconsiderate driver can cause a nuisance and in some extreme cases be a safety concern. We strive to provide a comfortable situation for newcomers and experienced drivers alike, as long as drivers keep an eye on their mirrors and move over when they are supposed to it is never really an issue. No need to be nervous!

What if someone isn't obeying the rules ?

Please tell us, the sooner you inform us of the problem the sooner we can do something about it. Once the trackday is underway we rely on customer feedback for a clearer picture of what is happening out on track, if there is a problem no matter how small please let us know. Don’t rely on someone else to report it for you, just find a member of our staff and explain the situation and then we can deal with it making the day run much better for everyone. A quick word is usually enough to correct most issues as sometimes the driver might not even realise they have done something wrong.

Do Javelin organise club or corporate events ?

Yes, Whatever your wishes, Javelin can provide activities tailored to your needs and you will have the assurance that we will have a full range of activities that will present your clients, guests and staff with a memorable day that they will hold you in high regard for. These events can help with team building and bringing your clients together with your team. You can help develop the esteem held for your organisation by individuals by getting away from the work environment and result in a more productive attitude when they return. Track and Airfield based activities are available to suit all needs and budgets. Drop us an email or call 01469 425040 to discuss your requirements.

The weather is bad, will the trackday be cancelled ?

The only weather that would really cause a trackday to be cancelled would be persistant fog, ice or snow and in these situations we have created our Winter Weather Policy to answer any concerns you might have. Some events may have a delayed start due to fog or ice but this is usually luck of the draw over the winter months. We get a lot of questions concerning rain but that will not stop an event usually, torrential rain might cause a tempory stoppage on a trackday for safety reasons but it rarely lasts for long. Trackdays in the wet are an excellent opportunity to practice your wet weather driving and many drivers actually prefer them.

Would a trackday make a good gift ?

In most cases yes it would however we always advise that if you're going to get someone a trackday as a present you get a gift voucher instead of booking an actual event. A gift voucher is valid for 12 months so it allows more flexibility in it’s use and it also means the vehicle owner can make a more informed choice of where to go without you having to find a way of borrowing the keys to perform a noise test without them knowing.

Can i do a half day ?

We don’t look at half day places unless it is the day before the event and there are clearly going to be places left over. You would need to book the full event in advance to secure the place on the event normally.


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