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If you’ve already ordered your trackday and want to add something else to it then you can do so by clicking the link at the bottom of the product page for that particular event (see pic below) and we will add it to your booking. If you booked your event via a third party you will need to make sure you have registered an account on our website before proceeding. Entries are stored against the main drivers name so they should be the ones to book any additional items as then we can allocate them against that.

Please see our Covid rules at the top of the website for information who can and cannot share a vehicle.
Additional Drivers – 2 additional drivers per vehicle, can be added on the day for £30 each but should be booked in advance wherever possible. If the drivers are not of the same household then the vehicle MUST BE THROUGHLY CLEANED in between.
Garages – Must be reserved in advance of the event, any that are not booked are FFA on the day. You cannot reserve a garage for an evening trackday.
Tuition – Not currently available.
Passengers – Can only be added on the day for £10 each.
Helmet Hire – Not currently available.
For more information on additional items please see the FAQ


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