Thruxton circuit in Hampshire is the fastest circuit in the country with legendary high speed corners and a reputation as a real drivers circuit. Local planning restrictions mean that dates are limited and noise levels have to be carefully monitored but this unique venue is well worth the trip and certainly something that should be most drivers ‘to-do’ lists with speeds into three figures for most of the way around. The circuit is so flowing that we feel it safer to allow OVERTAKING on EITHER side on the straights only.

It is amazing the amount of cars that will pass the 90db Static Noise Test. But appreciate it can be a worry so to encourage the use of this venue we are prepared to offer a 75% Credit on the cost of the trackday to any car failing the Noise Test when booked directly with us. NB No Refunds.

Places Left:    = Under 20    = Under 10

Thruxton - 3rd November

Tue | 90dba Static | Full Circuit   



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