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Javelin Trackdays operates the Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series. Sprinting is essentially a driver and car, competing against the clock, on a pre-practised course. Cars will start one at a time, from a standstill at 30 second intervals, so you won't encounter other vehicles on track normally, it’s just you and the track making it one of the safest forms of entry level motorsport and ideal for novices and experts alike. Events consist of 1 untimed practice run and then up to 6 timed competition runs throughout the day meaning you get more runs with us compared to other organisations. Times are displayed after you cross the finish line and results are published throughout the day on our live timing system with awards for each class at the end. Vehicles are grouped into over 21 classes accounting for everthing from supercars, fire breathing track cars, sporty hatchbacks and even superminis. The average course is approx 1.7 miles long, which helps to keep stress on the car to a minimum. Up to 3 people may share the same vehicle but each one requires their own entry which will vary by venue.

Our events operate under IOPD authorisation which means that you can simply purchase a competition licence on the day from as little as £10 per event or £20 for the year, it’s as easy as filling in the form. We keep the regulations as simple as we can once all the safety aspects are covered but if you can take part in a trackday then you should be able to take part in a sprint as well without further issue, the exception being that open top vehicles must have sufficient roll over protection in place for competition events.


We like to run our series in an inclusive rather than exclusive manner and as we only have to worry about our own events that means we can do things a little different. We cover all the safety aspects in our regulations but we try and keep everything else as simple and accessible as possible. We cater for all types of vehicle but the series is aimed at the average trackday driver so we’re not just focussed on the faster cars. You’ll find our paddock laid back, friendly, helpful and most importantly drama free meaning it’s not only the track activity that keep people coming back for more.


Each of our sprint series has it’s own dedicated page containing all the information you will need so click the logos below to visit them directly.


The Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series caters for all makes and models of production vehicles.


The RacecarWings.co.uk Class T Championship caters to specialised vehicles including Single Seaters, Aero & Lotus 7 based Vehicles allowing them to take part in our sprints in their own classes.


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