We’re trying something new and bringing evening events to Anglesey Circuit starting with the 11th April. Using the shorter national circuit and limited to just 40 cars total we’ll have evening events on 11th April, 14th June & 1st July, these 2 ½ hour events run on track 17:30-20:00 with the exception of the April event which will run 17:00-19:30 instead. The national circuit starts and ends in the old pit lane so instead of turning left at the Bus Stop and crossing the normal start/finish line you cross the circuit and turn right at School and then up to Rocket, Peel, Seamans and The Hairpin so it still includes all the good stuff. We ran an event on the National last year and any reservations any drivers had before taking part were quickly put to rest as it’s a fun little circuit, come join us.