New Features

So, what is new about our updated website?

First thing you will notice is that you will need to create a NEW ACCOUNT to buy. Why? over the years we have had thousands of customers register on our old site with many accounts that are no longer in use so this will give you a chance to update your details and use an EMAIL ADDRESS to open your new account as opposed to an often forgotten username.


Don’t worry we have no intention of flooding your inbox with marketing, we won’t send you anything other than information about your order unless you specifically sign up for the newsletter as well. If you wish to hear about any Special Deals or new dates then feel free to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER.

Javelin Trackdays are possibly the busiest Trackday Organiser in the UK which means we have numerous events to list. The NEW site allows you to search for your ideal event by MONTH or by VENUE. You can still also see our events for the next 3 months listed on the UPCOMING events page.

You can also earn REWARDS POINTS that are the equivilant of 5% of the events you book online towards future events or even save them for free events or additional items. There are prominent links to show you how many REWARDS POINTS you have.

Those regulars who have often asked the question do Javelin Trackdays do BULK BUY DEALS will know that previously we have said no due the bad reputation this sort of deal had within the trackday scene. Small companies selling these deals to raise the revenue for their circuit deposits and then still unable to pay the deposits the organiser has cancelled most of the promised selection, did panic deals which meant the client ended up paying more per event or even worse went out of business taking the money with them. Javelin Trackdays has been trading for 16+ years, just ask any circuit owner about our credit record it is something we are very proud of. This led us to decide that customers who wish to save by buying BULK events or buying STORE CREDIT should not be denied the opportunity, essentially saving by depositing funds that can be used to buy events as they wish.


We’ve also kept our long standing BOOK EARLY PRICE scheme which means that the events are listed at a lower early booking rate and then the price increases as the places are filled and the event gets closer. This means that those of you who help us out by booking early get the benefits, we don’t offer last minute deals to try and fill places and if we do ever decide to lower the price of a particular event then we give the difference back to those already booked on so you never lose out by committing early with Javelin Trackdays.


Sales receipts can now be downloaded in PDF format from directly within your account.



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