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Searching for the right gift that will always be remembered and give the most pleasure? Whether for a Birthday, Christmas or other important occasion our gift vouchers enable you to give flexibility as the recipient can exchange the voucher for any of Javelins events or services i.e. trackdays, car hire, tuition etc. Javelins diverse and widespread portfolio of venues also means that there should be a venue or event near the voucher recipient. Although all of our Gift Vouchers work the same way in that they can be used to purchase and Javelin Trackdays Ltd products you can now tailor your gift to one of our sprint websites to make it easier for the recipient to use intially, they can always transfer it later if they wish.

Gift Vouchers enable you to "Group Buy" smaller gifts to add up to a greater total which is much better than 3 pairs of socks or a jumper.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable please ensure you read the terms and conditions above prior to purchase.

Your voucher will be dispatched via first class post within 4 days of ordering and delivered in a plain white envelope to the address specified on the order. The envelope will contain your receipt plus a plain envelope containing the voucher that you can present as a gift.

It is not possible to produce physical vouchers at the current time so we suggest you purchase a GIFT VOUCHER BY EMAIL instead, if you send it to yourself then you can still print off our EVoucher Template to use along with it otherwise it will go directly to the recipient you specify.
  1. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

  2. Gift vouchers are non-refundable; any amount unused by the expiry date is not exchangeable with cash or another voucher and will be automatically forfeited.

  3. If the voucher is used to book events taking place after the expiry date then no further changes can be made once the expiry date has been reached and any unused bookings will be automatically forfeited.

  4. Any additional cost exceeding the value of this voucher will be paid by the redeemer.

  5. Gift vouchers are only valid for goods or services provided my Javelin Trackdays Ltd

  6. Gift vouchers will not be replaced when lost, damaged or stolen.

  7. In the event of any dispute the decision of Javelin Trackdays Ltd is final.

  8. Javelin Trackdays Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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