Covid19 Suspension

Trackdays and sprint events are curently cancelled until 18th May 2020, this is a moving goalpost based on gorvernment announcements on the lockdown so keep an eye on the website for up to date news.
What happens now?
Don’t worry, we have been preparing for this possibility for the past few weeks so everyone will automatically be issued with a Full Credit with a 10% Bonus or you have the option to request a Full Refund if you prefer as we know it’s going to be a tough time for a lot of you, so see the sections below for all the details. Please note that the 10% bonus offer only applies to orderes made before April 2020, orders after this time will only get the Full Credit instead.
Third Party Bookings – You will need to contact the booking agent directly to resolve your booking as unfortunately we are unable to resolve these requests on your behalf. If your reference/order number starts with the characters TD011xxxxx then you have not booked directly with us.
Keep a credit, get a bonus 10%
As a thank you for your continued support in leaving your booking as a credit towards a future event we will double your rewards points for that event rather than removing them which means that you will effectively get an additional 10% on top of your credit when you come to use it again. You’ll also get the normal 5% in rewards points from whichever event you rebook as well to help you get back on track once we get though this.
Credits – Well the first thing that we will do to ensure that no-one actually loses any money is we will start going through all of the orders up until the end of April and marking them as credits on your Javelin Trackdays account, this will apply to everyone as it ensures that nobodies order is misplaced or forgotten. So over the next couple of days you will see several emails arrive directly from our website notifying you of changes to your account balance and rewards points balance, you will get these whether you have requested a refund already or not so there is no need to query them as it’s an ongoing process. If you believe that the amounts that have been credited are incorrect then please let us know but in cases where there are not enough rewards points left on the account they will be deducted from the credit instead so that is likely to be the cause of any small differences you may notice. We will start on the earliest cancelled event working through them in order through to the last which will take a couple of days. Credits on our website have no expiry date and when you wish to use them you simply book events as normal and the credit is automatically used at the checkout. If your booking was made after 30th March then the lockdown was already underway and you were well aware of the situation at the time so bookings made after that date will be entitles to a full credit only.
Refunds – As the events have been cancelled you have the option to request a refund if you so wish. If you wish to request a refund then we will only accept requests made by completing the form below, this ensures that we get the information we need in a manageable format that we can easily keep track of. We will work through your refund requests in the order they are received so they should be completed within 4-5 days ideally but please note it may be up to 14 days before we can process your request in some instances as there will be a large amount of request to get through initially so please be patient.  You will receive an email confirmation from ether Paypal our ourselves once your refund has been processed.
Please note that bookings made via the following payment methods cannot be refunded and will be returned to your account as credit instead.
  • Bulk Buys
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Rewards Points
  • Previous Credits
If you are requesting a refund and ordered before 14th Feb 2020 please take the time to check your order confirmation first and if it states ‘Worldpay’ as the payment method then you will need to provide us with either your bank account/sort code or a Paypal email address as Worldpay is no longer in use. you do not need to complete that section if you paid via Paypal.
Chargebacks/Claims – We ask that you all work with us during this period and we will get through your requests in a timely manner but there are always one or two unfortunately who think that raising a case with Paypal or their bank will be easier. If you do this then not only will you make everything more complicated, your request will be placed at the back of the queue and you will find it will take substantially longer to process than going via the proper channels. Chargebacks will also incur additional fees and these will be applied to your account as Javelin Trackdays will not be responsible for additional fees incurred by your own actions. It’s a shame that we have to state this but unfortunately we do.
Vouchers – If you’ve received a gift voucher then you’ve got two options, you can either send us an email with your Javelin Trackdays account details on and the voucher codes you have and we will add them as a credit onto your account for you to use later or you can just hold onto them as any period of stoppage will just be added onto the vouchers existing expiry date.
What about future events?
At the moment we are only stopping until 8th May but this is a progressing situation so for events from May onwards we will be working from government announcements on the length of the lockdown and measures that will be place afterwards. Currently the government is due to carry out their 3 week review on 7th May along with an announcement on plans for the end of the lockdown on the 10th so expect more updates on events after that information is released. If you do have events planned for after this shutdown period then as always we advise that if you make any bookings for accommodation, etc. it is always worth paying a little extra for the flexibility of moving it just in case things change.
At the end of the day you are all valued customers and we want to keep you as such. Javelin Trackdays isn’t going anywhere and we look forward to welcoming you back on track when we eventually come out the other side of this, no matter how long it takes. Stay safe.


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