2020 Provisional Calendar

A lot of you have been asking about 2020 dates and although we can’t put them on sale just yet as we’re still patiently waiting for various circuit owners to confirm them you can find the provisional list for Jan-Apr below. There might still be some changes yet so don’t jump the gun and book anything non-refundable just yet but hopefully we’ll be able to go live on the website very soon. If you’d prefer to view the dates by venue instead then click the link below.


List by Venue


11-Jan Sat Oulton Park
18-Jan Sat Snetterton 300
21-Jan Tue Oulton Park
25-Jan Sat Blyton Park
25-Jan Sat Cadwell Park
26-Jan Sun Donington Park
27-Jan Mon Bedford Autodrome
28-Jan Tue Brands Hatch
31-Jan Fri Cadwell Park
31-Jan Fri Donington Park
01-Feb Sat Mallory Park
02-Feb Sun Silverstone GP
05-Feb Wed Donington Park
08-Feb Sat Blyton Park
08-Feb Sat Donington Park
08-Feb Sat Oulton Park
09-Feb Sun Snetterton 300
14-Feb Fri Brands Hatch
15-Feb Sat Bedford Autodrome
16-Feb Sun Blyton Park
21-Feb Fri Snetterton 300
23-Feb Sun Donington Park
24-Feb Mon Bedford Autodrome
28-Feb Fri Brands Hatch
29-Feb Sat Blyton Park
29-Feb Sat Cadwell Park
29-Feb Sat Oulton Park
02-Mar Mon Anglesey
03-Mar Tue Oulton Park
07-Mar Sat Bedford Autodrome
07-Mar Sat Blyton Park
08-Mar Sun Cadwell Park
09-Mar Mon Castle Combe
09-Mar Mon Croft
10-Mar Tue Snetterton 300
10-Mar Tue Thruxton
12-Mar Thu Mallory Park (SS)
13-Mar Fri Brands Hatch
13-Mar Fri Donington Park
16-Mar Mon Bedford Autodrome
18-Mar Wed Cadwell Park
21-Mar Sat Blyton Park
21-Mar Sat Mallory Park
22-Mar Sun Blyton Park (Sprinting 101)
25-Mar Wed Donington Park
30-Mar Mon Croft
31-Mar Tue Spa Francorchamps
01-Apr Wed Spa Francorchamps
06-Apr Mon Castle Combe
06-Apr Mon Cadwell Park
07-Apr Tue Thruxton
10-Apr Fri Croft
13-Apr Mon Blyton Park
14-Apr Tue Donington Park
14-Apr Tue Donington Park (Eve)
15-Apr Wed Snetterton 300
15-Apr Wed Snetterton 300 (Eve)
16-Apr Thu Cadwell Park
16-Apr Thu Cadwell Park (Eve)
18-Apr Sat Bedford Autodrome
18-Apr Sat Blyton Park
19-Apr Sun Blyton Park
20-Apr Mon Mallory Park
21-Apr Tue Donington Park (Eve)
21-Apr Tue Mallory Park (SS)
25-Apr Sat Blyton Park
26-Apr Sun Blyton Park
27-Apr Mon Thruxton
28-Apr Tue Oulton Park
29-Apr Wed Anglesey
30-Apr Thu Silverstone (National)


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