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bhnissancf262Barkston Heath Airfield is home to the Royal Air Force Elementary Flying School. It was also once home to a forest of Bloodhound ground to air missiles. Javelin Trackdays has for a few years now used the former missile site compound and sections of the concrete peritrack to host a variety of different events. These can be Sprints,Drift Practice, Standing Quarter Drag Races or just plain and simple Autotests. The operative words being fun on four wheels.

bhwidepic262There is not a conventional circuit at Barkston Heath.  The best way to describe it is 3 seperate "courses". Each having its own characteristics.

A) The Car Control / Drift / Slalom Course. Approx 3/4 mile in length offers a wide variety of concrete surfaced corners that can be driven quickly or in  a Drifting manner. Most of the corners have wide open run off areas. As we only allow a couple of cars at a time on the course it is ideal for experimenting with styles. Flambouyant or otherwise. You can get a car to angles that would see you being sent home on most conventional trackdays. Run through the course, queue up and do it again.

B) The Sprint Course - A 3/4 mile, narrow strip of extremely smooth tarmac that formed the service road for the former missile site. A real challenge with some corners that command respect and a couple of chicanes thrown in for good measure. Yes we can run a timed sprint event for your owners club etc. Just ask.

C) The Freestyle Area - At the Safety Briefings Bob our Circuit Controller often describes this area as a "figure of eight" just to see who is paying attention.
The description is correct but we only allow one car at a time onto the area. Within reason you can drive forwards, backwards, sideways, hoon and disappear in your own tyre smoke if you wish. So long as you are not putting yourself or others at risk we will be laid back about it.

The venue has toilets and subject to sufficient numbers a Catering Unit offering a wide range of hot & cold food and drinks.

Static Noise Limit at Barkston Heath is 105dba. Measured at 3/4 max revs, 0.5 metres and 45 degrees from each exhaust outlet.  

When booking please make sure you check which areas will be in use on your chosen day. 

VIDEOS of Barkston Heath Events.

bhandymazda262How to find Barkston Heath Airfield
Please note there is no postcode for the entrance to Barkston Heath Airfield. Please do not ring asking for one. It is easily found by using good old fashioned maps. View Barkston Heath Location.

Barkston Heath is near Grantham in Lincolnshire with excellents links from the A1. The entrance to the  airfield is located on the B6403 / High Dyke Road south of Ancaster Village.




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